Let's Make a Record

  • August 11, 2015
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Let's Make a Record
Destyn Patera and I have been friends since high school. Our personalities are similar so we naturally made a great team. In 2012 we completed our first video recording of "Is it Ever Going to Change,? which would be followed by numerous video recordings of my music. In the early summer of 2014, Destyn came to me with the idea of recording an album. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into at the time, but still to this day, Destyn has never came to me with a bad idea. We knew it would be a tremendous amount of work and would likely take us up to a year. On May 1st we began the recording process at Stone Wall Studios where D introduced me to Chris Myers. He knew him from video work in the past and spoke highly of his studio. My first impression of Chris was that his taste in gear was superb and he invested a substantial amount into making his studio first class. I discovered that Chris was a pretty cool dude over the course of our time together in the studio, and ultimately, Chris and I would become close friends. He was not only a pleasure to work with, he played such a positive role in the development of this album's initial recording. His open minded approach to engineering has allowed everyone to fully understand and appreciate the process. And so it began, our journey into our first album.....
Last week we went back to where we first recorded "Is It Ever Going to Change" to record a new song I've been working on. "Scared of The Light" came after the albums completion but you can look forward to it on our next album.

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