It's Saving Grace

  • August 15, 2015
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It's Saving Grace
I'd like to take some time to tell you about an amazing piano player, superb vocalist, and good friend of mine, Mr Victor Wainwright. I had the honor of his accompaniment on the song "Saving Grace?, which is track two by the way, and probably one of my favorite tunes on the whole album; but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's back up a little bit...
I met Victor and his band several years ago on Pensacola Beach, at a venue called the Paradise Bar and Grill, long before thoughts and ambitions of the project were in sight. At the time, I really didn't know much about Vic; I hadn't spoken to him, I hadn't listened to his music, I don't think I even recognized his name before that night. One thing I did know for sure, from the moment he hit the stage, is that Victor has the "Gift.? I was truly mesmerized by the amount of energy and soul he brought to the stage, and how effortless it seemed. Sound somehow flowed out of his finger tips, through the piano and speakers, and into our ears. It was craziness and I was impressed to say the least! I knew he was a guy I wanted to share the stage with one day, and over the course of time I would eventually have that privilege. I would also meet, befriend, and play with many other top notch musicians in the band. Guys like Nick Black, Peanut, Greg "The Gumpster? Gumpel, and many others.
When the time came to choose who I wanted to play on the album it was a no brainier, I just had to wait for his tour to bring him to Pensacola before that could happen. Next time he came though, I contacted him and asked him to make the drive forty-­five minutes north of his hotel on the beach, on his day off, to cut a song with me at Stone Wall Studios. Now, understand, when you play as much as he does, days off are extremely valuable and they're hard to give up; but being the cool guy that he is, there was no hesitation. He agreed with a smile and made his way to the studio. With just a few minutes of work he had added a whole new level of heart and soul to the music. It shined, it shimmered, and it was one that immediately stood out to me. Victor is an amazing artist and inspiration to myself and everyone he meets. I could not be more proud and honored to say he is a part of this album!

You can follow Victor's travels, catch a show, or pick up a CD at his website:
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